You wanna know what my least favorite part of any website to write is? The “about me” section. 

No one really likes writing about themselves or seeing all of their accomplishments listed out. 
It just feels really awkward. 

But I also think it's important to know who you're learning from and why I'm so passionate about helping other photographers! 

The main thing I want you to hear from this is - I’ve done some stuff, figured it out with the help of coaches and peers, and it was fun. But what is MOST fulfilling for me, is helping YOU take up that place in the spotlight. To feel so freaking jazzed by your business and life, that those intrusive thoughts don’t phase you nearly as much as they used to. To have fun, feel joy, and have peace in the work that you’re creating, and to know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives. THAT is why I do this. 

But some other things I’ve experienced, just in case you want to hear those too:

*I’ve built a photography business from a side hustle to an international brand.

*Went from photographing 18 weddings a year, to working with 6-7 couples a year while still making a 6 figure income so I could focus on my health and my family and my clients. 

*I’ve coached hundreds of creatives during their journey toward growing successful, fulfilling businesses and lives.

*I've coached hundreds of college students at Belmont University as they begin their entrepreneurial journey.

*I’ve built 2 multiple 6-figure businesses while navigating the difficult world of single-parenting during those building years and, for much of that time, was only working a part time schedule with 1 day of child care a week.

But what’s really important in all of this?

I’ve been in that painful place of overwork and overthinking and sometimes still find myself there and have to coach myself back from a ledge.

I’ve been there- working 80 hours a week with work that wasn't filling me up, feeling like I was letting my life slide by.

I’ve wanted to raise my prices but had no idea how to successfully do that.

And I’ve had so many ideas on how to expand but let fear hold me back.

And do you want to know the two things that got me past these entrepreneurial hurdles? 

1 - I finally figured out that I already have the creativity, skills, and passion for getting where I wanted to go. It was my fear, self-judgment, and lack of specific and intentional action that was holding me back. 

2 - I started hiring coaches and building a team that gave me the support and guidance that I needed to move past these hurdles and truly propel myself into a healthy and sustainable work/life balance. I built tools through working with others that help me to this day when I get stuck or overwhelmed or heading down a road I don’t want to be on.

You, my friend, are creative, brilliant, and oh-so-worthy of finding success. 

You can find peace and abundance in a work week that is sustainable and regenerative.
You can book those 15-20K creative projects. 
And you can become a leader in your market. 

You can find a life that is abundant, thriving, and balanced-however that looks for you. 

Owning a creative business is a constantly evolving process and, at each new level, there are different challenges.

And this is why I founded Danger School and Dangerous Creatives– to make the tricky work of growing as a business owner and creative, a little less lonely and a little more enjoyable.

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Hey, I'm Kristin.

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Reliant Bank, Art House America, Michael Hyatt + Co, Show Hope, Young Life, Quaver, Full Focus Planner, Proof Branding, 
Steven Curtis Chapman, Charley Peacock, Kevin Johnson + Michelle Rhee, Sandy Patty, Frist Gala, St. Georges School
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Native Magazine, Sactown Magazine, Edible, Nashville Lifestyles, The Knot, BRIDES
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RangeFinder Magazine, BRIDES, Martha Stewart, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, 
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Belmont University, Hybrid Co Conference, Imaging Conference for Kodak Film, Long Live Film Workshop, Musea, Belle Lumiere

We're grateful for all the clients and institutions who have invited us in to their weddings, events, businesses, and classrooms. We're passionate about giving back through education and mentorship.

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"Booking wise, just over $7K was my biggest pre-Kristin, and now it’s just under $11k. I’ve had three 5-figure bookings, and all booking are now at least 7k.  She creates such a lovely environment. It’s welcoming and encouraging AND ambitious, but also light and flowy, with room to acknowledge and move through the personal challenges that impact our own success. Working with K Sweets has really changed how I move through challenges in my business. I used to be pretty desperate and bull headed. The latter is a firm character trait of mine but I’ve learned to use it as an advantage rather than as a defence. The desperation has dissipated because she’s guided me through the patience and trust and number know-how I previously didn’t have."

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