You want your conference or workshop attendees to have a transformational experience, to leave inspired to take action, and to be raving about what they took away to all their peers and friends. Kristin loves to partner with conference owners and workshop leaders to create inspirational headlining talks, informational panels, or workshop style masterclasses. She has experience working with business owners on their marketing, photographers on their pricing and vision, CEOs with their work/life balance and fulfillment, educators on their programs, and university students on their goals for the future. Audiences of all ages connect with Kristin's engaging storytelling, interactive speaking style, and out of the box vision of how businesses can be run. 

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Kristin has been photographing weddings for 13 years and coaching and mentoring photographers for 10 years, and loves to deliver encouragement through digestible and relatable talks, podcasts, and workshops. She loves to partner with podcasts and conferences to offer inspiring stories, tips, and thoughtful conversations that go deeper than a general "how to" and cut right to the heart of why we all do the work we do. Her audience enjoys her upbeat attitude and motivational energy and that she's unafraid to dip into topics like grief, divorce, parenting, mental health, and recovering from religious trauma. She hopes your listeners feel inspired to move forward in confidence and to overcome challenges and create fulfilling work and businesses as they grow in courage to be truly themselves in a world where everyone is trying to be someone else.  

signature topics

Pricing Strategy for Photographers and Freelancers

Building Multiple Streams of Revenue as a Creative

Life + Business Design and Building Your Own Success Framework

Divorce, Single Parenting, and Starting Over While Running a Business

Turning a Passion Into a Sustainable Income

I Hit 100k in Revenue, What's Next?

Be Known For Something: Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market

We're grateful for all the clients and institutions who have invited us in to their weddings, events, businesses, and classrooms. We're passionate about giving back through education and mentorship.

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