But sometimes, growing alone feels exhausting, or maybe you have big ideas of how you want to expand and thrive but aren't sure how to get there. Most of our clients come to this group when they've built an awesome photography or service based creative business, but are ready to raise prices and free up time, launch their own education brand, try something new in their business, or create a passive income stream. We love helping our clients grow in an aligned way, that matches with their values and creates more abundance in their time, life, and finances. 

Join other creative entrepreneurs in this consulting-based mastermind. The work we'll do will be highly individualized, we'll work together to heal the things holding us back, trying new strategies, doing a deeper level of mindset work, and intentionally growing towards your goals in your business and personal life.

You get the best of both worlds. High level one on one coaching and consulting, plus the benefit of community and group feedback. We find the experience and encouragement from other group members is invaluable within a coaching environment.

The in-person experiences, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching will all be based around helping you shift your energy to attract in the business and life you want. We will be setting foundations for regenerative growth and challenging your perception of what is possible.

We see our clients grow in many different ways including growing their revenue, expanding their business into new areas, creating new income streams, aligning with their purpose, and creating peaceful routines at home.

You've been building on your own for a while and are crushing it!

Hey there!

  • Have been in business 5+ years
  • Make a sustainable income but are wanting to grow it in alignment with your values (this number isn’t the same for everyone but growing from 100k to 250/350k is the zone we often see people wanting to work on. And/or increasing your profit margin so you’re taking home a 6 figure salary after taxes and expenses)
  • Are ready to raise your prices and/or create new income streams
  • Already have a steady client base
  • Have the margin to fully participate in this program
  • Know you thrive with group and individual support and are open to collaboration with others
  • Tend to overwork and want to take a more mindful approach to your business
  • Are open to seeing growth from many angles. Financial growth doesn’t happen overnight and growth often comes in relational ways, financial, capacity, time, or inner peace and growth

this is for Photographers who...

working on getting to $100k, or a service based creative business? you'd be perfect for our Dangerous creatives mastermind

"I've had my biggest bookings since joining the mastermind, which have been $7,000 and $10,000."

our clients see Massive increases in revenue, fulfillment, and peace

Alaska based photographer

Zoya Bowers

"A big spike in our business is that we have a retainer client who just books us basically every month and this year. It's close to like $22,000 for that client. And I never knew that that was a possibility."

our clients see Massive increases in revenue, fulfillment, and peace

san francisco based photographer and coach

Praise Santos McKenna

"I was able to really build a network of people who were there to support my deep dive and cheer me on as I relearned my business from the inside-out."

our clients see Massive increases in revenue, fulfillment, and peace

nashville based photographer and coach

Jenna Henderson

"During the mastermind, I made more money and I was able to prioritize joy and fun in my life and in my business."

our clients see Massive increases in revenue, fulfillment, and peace

california based photographer

Kelley Williams

"The Mastermind was amazing to be a part of, and I can definitely recommend it to someone else who wants the community, and just to learn and to get inspired to do the things you really want."

our clients see Massive increases in revenue, fulfillment, and peace

norway based photographer and coach

Ingvild Kolnes

I’ve done a lot of coaching and I know first-hand that the support from a mastermind is so powerful. The combination of community and personalized coaching is motivating, fun, and an invaluable investment for your business. 


You get a tailored approach from a coach who really is invested in your business and your goals. 

You get access to ready-made systems that have been proven to work.

You get the insight and expertise that your entire group brings to the table. 

And you get the support and feedback from other experts invited to the meetings. 

The most impactful masterminds aren’t just about having a coach tell you what worked for them and having you duplicate it. 

When a mastermind is most powerful is it supports you as you walk your unique path in a way that is authentic and intentional. They are about finding ways around your blocks and your fears, allowing you to flourish in your uniqueness. 

Why a mastermind?

We love education and educators, but trying to be involved in multiple things at the same time or listening to conflicting information can slow your progress during these 5 months


Business growth brings up a lot of inner stress, past trauma, grief, insecurities. We hold space for all the ways our clients are human but also want to make sure they’re getting the support they need from a licensed mental health professional as we challenge our thought patterns and normal ways of doing business.


we recommend...

  • Work through Danger School Online Course
  • Start Identifying Your Values, Growth Zones, and Financial Needs and Goals.
  • Cohorts take place Jan-May or Aug-Dec

Before the Program Starts:



  • Onboarding 1:1s - go over expectations and set focus goals based on where you’re at.
  • Clarifying vision, values, creating aligned goals financially and personally
  • Preparing your clients/business for your sabbatical
  • Setting financial tracking tools and goals
  • Establishing 2-3 things you need to focus on first

Month One:

month one

month 1

january / August

  • Pricing, Sales, and Portfolio focus.

Speak very clearly to your clients through a sales process that serves, a portfolio that speaks for itself, and an established voice and niche in your market. We’ll hone your sales process, have time to practice sales calls, focus on pitching projects, and hear from a guest speaker on these topics. We’ll also help you hone your pricing in a way that aligns with your goals and ideal client.

Month two:

month two

month 2


  • Connections that count
  • Non-icky networking
  • Keeping the embers burning
  • Uplifting those around you
  • What platforms do you have/are building and how to leverage them 

Month three:

month three

month 3


It’s your time to become a leader in your industry. What does leadership really look like and how can you do it in an authentic way that serves others. We discuss and build your team, systems, and growth strategy in a simple streamlined way.

  • You as a leader
  • Team building and outsourcing
  • Honing your skills for visibility and empowering others

Month four:

month four

month 4


  • Client experience for this unleveled phase of your business and ideal client marketing/copywriting
  • Marketing strategy session- create one strong lead magnet that can sell your services over and over
  • Automated systems, communication, tracking your numbers 
  • Honing your client profile and copywriting that sings
  • Portfolio curation and social/website audits
  • Sales process redefined

Month five:

month five

month 5


  • We’ll have 3 two-hour group calls per month for the 5 months of our cohort where we go over content, assignments, and open the floor to laser coaching and questions
  • Everyone gets 1 hour long 1:1 call with Kristin once a month
  • Group Voxer Channel for peer to peer coaching and communication

Jan-May or Aug-Dec cohorts  - $12.5k investment per cohort

How it's Designed:

Program Breakdown

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This is not a one-size-fits-all mastermind

‘Cuz you’re unique and amazing and what worked for one might not work for you.

Instead, we offer a meet-you-where-you-are-at experience that is highly personalized and very effective. 90% of our recent clients reported booking their highest project ever during or within 3 months of completing the program.

Together, we dive deep into your business, your finances, your personal goals, and your values…and then create an individualized plan to get you on the path to the future you have been craving.

To organize and facilitate this, we have created 3 growth paths that, from our experience, are the most common ways we see photographers wanting to grow and thrive. Within each growth path, we have proven systems and strategies to get you to the results you want to see. 

WHO: You want to uplevel your business, command higher price points, and become more of a leader in your field. 

FOCUS: Raising prices using our portfolio, pricing, branding, and sales frameworks. 

GOAL: Land one new project at your higher pricing.

  • Portfolio and Website Review
  • Strengthening your portfolio with strategic new work
  • Elevating your client experience to hit a new position in the market
  • Working with our sales team to create unforgettable first touch points in your business
  • Re-evaluating your pricing, pitching, and sales strategies 
  • Create and implement a relationship and marketing plan to align with new direction and pricing
  • And more as necessary
WHO: You are looking to shift into an educator role within your industry. 

FOCUS: Marketing and launching

GOAL: Have an education offer created, pre-launched, and prepared for launch. 

  • Create a core educational offering based on your experience, passion, and core values
  • Identify which ideal client to focus on for this offer
  • Flesh out the program and design an outline
  • Our implementation team will create slides, freebies, and content from outlines created
  • Decide on a main marketing strategy for this program and build or pitch with the sales team’s help
  • And more as necessary
WHO: You have a thriving business, now you just want more free time without sacrificing your revenue.

FOCUS: Reorganization, automation, batching, outsourcing, and streamlining of your business. 

GOAL: Free up 20 hours a week

  • Audit current systems, outsourcing, and automation
  • Identify time goals and the “new goal” for how time is used
  • Restrategize offers and pricing to free up time
  • Build automations on the fulfillment end
  • Work with our implementation team to create systems and workflows on the back end of your business and processes to enable outsourcing and simplified marketing strategies

And YES, you can do all three. If you join for a year (2 cohorts), we'll get to work through all three journeys.

We want to help you meet your goals but sometimes our timing is longer than we expect. This program helps us build the foundation for our next level of growth and learn the skills so you can self coach, monitor your financial goals, and regulate your mindset as your capacity expands.

Group calls will be used for quick lessons/recaps, community sharing what you’re working on, getting feedback and support from the group, quick coaching from Kristin and the team, encouragement, and a practice ground for some of the skills we’re building.

These cohorts are 10 people max, and we want to make sure each member will bring a ton of value to the group. Fill out the application and we'll set up a time to interview you to see if it's a good fit!

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